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For the past 20 years, Web Interactive Consulting has worked with a wide range of clients and executing different marketing strategies. From developing custom database applications to solving online business problems and performing many online marketing/ advertising activities has given us an unique insight to what works and what does not work. We set goals with our clients and enjoy the process to meet or exceed those goals.

Company Website Design

We specialize in using WordPress, with high-end software to ensure the development process is fast, effective, and meets our clients expectations. There are 3 aspects to any company website that needs to handled correctly, which are the following:

Web Hosting & Email: The hosting provider must be good enough to NOT cause you or your site problems now or in the future.

"Look & Feel": In general, your design needs to be 5% better than your competitors. It must be good enough to engage a prospective customer, so they don’t ignore or bounce off your site.

Fast & Responsive: Your site must be mobile friendly and load fast. This is a requirement.

Market & Competitive Research

Data is very important because it allows you to make decisions based on facts, not opinions. Now days, data is everywhere and you must know how to get it and which data to believe in. The best way is to generate or collect the data yourself. Here are 3 areas of research that are invaluable to our clients.

Surveying or Market Research: Know emotional trigger points, pain points, and “Features & Benefits” that influence a purchase. Opinions can be wrong; it’s best to use real customer data.

Keyword Data: This data is used for brainstorming ideas, finding new terms, content ideas, and what the public is thinking about your product or service. Knowing what terms lead to a customer purchase is a must.

Competitive Research: Knowing what your competitors are doing or how they are running their business will allow you to become 5% better then they are.


Search engines and social platforms provide our clients an abundance of opportunity to grow sales and revenue. Google and Facebook control the largest market share of eyeballs and provide many tools to engage those people. Here are a few important topics that our clients love us for managing their accounts.

Paid Traffic: Using Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising are the best ways to quickly see the how your website will respond to your market. This allows you to learn facts about your market or industry.

Organic Traffic: This is also known as free traffic, which can come from top ranking in search engines, Facebook groups, viral marketing, or email marketing.

Free traffic comes at a cost: The traffic cost is measured in terms of: how much, timeframe needed, and quality of traffic. For long term traffic needs, the cost is really an investment, because you are building a company asset.

Marketing Funnels & Ad Campaigns

Your company's story is what is being told when you advertise or generate traffic. A unique aspect of digital marketing is that every "click" is either a YES or a NO. It's that simple. A yes means the story content worked and a no means you need to change the content. Your company's message or content in any format will help to influence your traffic to buy your product or not.

A funnel or ad must keep the YES clicks going until they become a customer. If a NO occurs, that means an opportunity has been found.

Web Analytics allows you to track or see the YES trends in real-time! It is amazing what you can see in today's online reporting.

Making The Process Work

When all areas of digital marketing are working together, they will lead to increased traffic, sales, and higher profits. An overall goal for our clients is to sell more products/services to more customers and enable those customers to refer our clients to others. To make each of these services work better, we optimize, split test, retarget audiences, and continually analyze numbers.

By default, the process improves over time.
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