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What companies are listed in the Top 3 Business Listings of the Google Local 3 Pack?
These businesses come from the GMB profiles. The ranking of businesses is based on profile optimizations, citations, and location of the customer searching. The order can change based distance from the business and the exact search terms used.

The location map and the 3 business listings are also known by the following names: Local 3 Pack, Local Listings, Google 3 Pack, Local SEO 3-pack, Google Local Snack Pack, or Local Listings Box.

The 3 Pack is often listed at the very top on a Google results page. This is extremely important because when this happens, customers see these listings before they see Google ads, organic listings, and do not need to scroll down the results page
What is a citation?
Used to rank your Google My Business (GMB) Business Listing, a citation is the following 3 pieces of information: Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) that appears on any website. Any website means any online business directory, social platform, search engine, phone app, or any website page.
What is the importance of citations?
There are 2 parts to this answer: trust and consistency. The trust or value of the website page that contains the citation is important. The more trust worthy a website is, the more valuable the citation is.

The consistency means that new citations are being found by Google on an ongoing basis. This allows Google to know you are currently relevant to the search terms customers look for.

Overall, citations influence the ranking of your GMB listing

Google My Business

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business (GMB) is Google's platform for businesses to directly manage their company data. The GMB Profile data is used on Google Maps for the business listing information. 

GMB Optimization Service

How does your GMB Optimization service work?
During our initial phone call, we will learn about your business and what type of customers your business is looking to acquire. We then optimize your Google My Business profile data. After the optimization process is completed, we perform the initial citation for the 1st month. Then perform a monthly citation service.

The initial citation service is getting 380 business listings on the most trusted websites for local businesses and mapping services.

The monthly citation service is getting new business listings to stay ahead of your competitors and expand your reach.
How long does it take to start getting new customers with your GMB optimization service?
We cannot guarantee ranking or a top 3 listing. What we can deliver is progress until we get to the top. The real answer depends on your competitors and your goals. We have a monthly report that shows progress.

There have been clients and situations where top ranking has been very quick, less than 2 weeks. Again, we don’t guarantee but can do research to come up with good estimates from looking at your competitors.