Get Results With A Facebook Ad Campaign

Please fill this form out if you are interested in generating sales or leads from Facebook. After researching your situation, we will give you feedback on how to achieve your goals.

What We Do For You

  1. Discuss a strategy and plan with you.
  2. Setup the ad account, campaigns, ads, tracking, and pixel tracking.
  3. Continual analyzing of Facebook Ad spending to confirm ROI. Make necessary changes when needed.
  4. Provide reporting and phone updates.
  5. Our success comes from your success!

Past Successful Campaigns

Client: TAI
Results: Lead gen campaign lowered CPL (Cost Per Lead) from averaging $30 a lead for Adwords to less than $5 a lead on Facebook.

Client: CGL
Results:  Promoted a local event a client hosted using a Facebook campaign and drove in-store traffic that resulted in largest sales day in years.

Client: CGL
Results: We created a 42 second video ad, which had over 10 hours of watch time from 2,210 unique viewers for $30 spend over a 4 day period. That comes to less than 2 cents per local targeted viewer.

What Does It Cost?

There are 3 cost involved:

  1. The direct ad spend on Facebook Ads, which can be a set amount.
  2. A one-time setup cost to get a positive ad running.
  3. After the initial work is done, a lower monthly maintenance fee is used to ensure ongoing positive ROI and increase conversion rates.