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Get ClickCease
ClickCease will stop and prevent future people or bots from wasting your money on Google Ads. Think of it this way, if you prevented 1 bad click, you actually gained 1 good click!

You can customize the settings and details of who, how many, how much, or what type or when you should block the bots, spammers, competitors, etc. 

Austin Web Hosting

WP Engine provides WordPress managed hosting for small or large company websites. 
Instantly Test Your Website Speed - Is it faster on WP Engine?

Wordpress Form Builder

Formidable Forms allows your WP site to create any type of website form page you can imagine.
Formidable Forms

WP Page Builder

Oxygen Builder is the only Wordpress builder that disables your current wordpress standard theme! That is a GREAT idea because it frees up the typical problems and allows for your creativity to design what you want.

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