Use Your Old Email List And Start Driving New Sales!

Done correctly, you will be generating new sales at a lower cost in 4 days.

Do you have an old email list you never used or marketed to the list correctly? Now that time has passed, you think that list no longer useful or you business can’t use the list?

I can tell you with Facebook, its not too late. In fact, no list is too small or too old because Facebook allows you to upload your email list and start marketing to that “Custom Audience”. Imagine using the largest social network and becoming part of the conversation with people who were already interested in your business.

Facebook makes it cheaper than Google Adwords PPC, as I’ve seen costs go from $18 a per lead to $4 using this process. Besides being cheaper, Facebook is the best at targeting and drilling down to exactly who you want see your ad. Not only can you target specific demographic data, you can target interests and behaviors.

Engaging and directing this traffic is part of the solution. You also need a well performing sales funnel, that consist of a mobile friendly website, converting landing pages and proper analytics / web tracking mechanisms. We can help you create all that and get your site selling in no time.

If your business is not using the Internet correctly, your competitor is and taking away your market share!

Call to learn how your business can start growing sales revenue… faster and cheaper than ever before!